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Natün, a commitment to
community development

We work in partnership with the communities of the Lake Atitlán region in Guatemala. Together, our Maya staff and local leaders implement community-led programs aimed at achieving significant long-term change.

Through education, we create a positive impact that can benefit an entire community for years to come. By educating students today, we foster generational change to help communities overcome poverty in the future.

Sololá is one of the Guatemalan jurisdictions with the highest malnutrition rates in the world, with more than 60% of children suffering from chronic malnutrition. Focused on strengthening the well-being of high-risk indigenous families in the region, we implemented a holistic program that includes:

We support families to achieve a better quality of life by providing opportunities to develop their skills and turn them into a sustainable source of income. Through three core programs, we complement and strengthen local education systems to provide access to academic opportunities for students of all ages.

Sololá es uno de los departamentos guatemaltecos con las tasas más altas de desnutrición en el mundo, con más del 60% de niños con desnutrición crónica. Enfocados en fortalecer el bienestar de las familias indígenas de alto riesgo en la región, implementamos un programa holístico que incluye:

Apoyamos a las familias para que alcancen una mejor calidad de vida, ofreciendo oportunidades para desarrollar sus habilidades y convertirlas en una fuente de ingresos sostenible.A través de tres programas básicos, complementamos y fortalecemos los sistemas educativos locales para ofrecer acceso a oportunidades académicas para estudiantes de todas las edades.

The Purpose That Drives Us

Through our comprehensive programs, at Natün we work to strengthen and facilitate resources so that families in local communities can improve their quality of life.

Where We Are Aiming

We look forward to a future in which the Maya communities in the Department of Sololá are empowered and self-sustainable through holistic development.

Natün School

Our Core Values



We treat people with dignity, empathy, and fairness.


We recognize our role as facilitators, valuing local expertise.


We believe in having dignified and equitable relationships with the community we serve.