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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Inspiring stories from our sponsored students, plus Mayan Families updates
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September is Student Sponsorship Month

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We have launched the September Sponsorship campaign and throughout the month we will be sharing our students’ personal stories on the impact their education has on their lives and on their community as a whole. Today you will read about Miguel, who volunteers in his community’s health center, and Edgar, the new head of our Education Team, who is passionate about cultural strength and the value of Mayan cultural heritage.

You can also view our newest video of a current preschool student with a bright future ahead of her and a former student now teaching others. A couple more examples that you don’t need to go far, to go far.
If you want to provide access to education and create more opportunities for community change, please join us this month by providing a student with the gift of education by sponsoring a student. If you already give, please share this video and personal stories with your family, friends, and community.


Miguel: Giving Back to His Community

“Community service gives us the opportunity to demonstrate that we can help our community even if we are young. We as youth have a great capacity to do diverse activities. Our energy, mentality, and creativity makes us apt to contribute to the improvement of society."

- Miguel, 16 - sponsored student

Miguel, a 10th grade student, is one of the hundreds of sponsored students at Mayan Families who gives back to society through community service. While Miguel offers his time to his local public health center, some of his peers volunteer at the library, the municipality, or schools. At Mayan Families, we strongly believe that by asking our students to get involved in community service, they are not only supporting and developing their local communities, but also developing their character and skills to become people with integrity and generosity. 

Read more here...


Mayan Education & Local Leadership – A Chat with Edgar

Edgar Morales Choy, Mayan Families’ Manager of Education, is an active community member well rooted in his culture. As a new addition to our staff, he contributes to a better future for the Mayan populations around Lake Atitlan, focusing on the principles of kindness, generosity and harmony.

With over 16 years of experience in education and training of young people, Edgar’s key objective is to educate Guatemalan youth in the core value of hard work, while they "form a defined identity without losing sight of their rich traditions and cultural heritage."
Edgar believes sponsorship inspires students to achieve their dreams and become future community leaders and changemakers.
Read more of Edgar’s vision for the future of Guatemalan students in his article, and join him in supporting Guatemalan education by donating.

Upgrades to our University Partnerships

One of the least-discussed but most important aspects of the sponsorship program is our University Sponsorships. This fall we are so excited to take the next step forward in this program as Mayan Families signs Cooperation Agreements with local universities.

These agreements help us better understand the needs of our students and make it easier for their school costs to be paid. We believe in the incredible power of a college education, and so do our students. With three agreements already signed, we will continue to focus on building relationships with other universities – because together, we can achieve so much more.


Erin Travels to the U.S. and Fall Shipment Packing Party

Erin has two visits to the United States planned for September and October: She will be traveling to California at the end of September and Boston/Northeast in mid-October.

During these trips Erin would be deeply grateful for supporters who would be willing to host a small, simple house party throughout her visit:
  • Sept 14-25 in San Diego, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Sacramento region (starting in San Diego and working north).
  • Oct 16-18 in the DC area
  • Oct 21-28 in Boston/NYC area
Through these trips, Erin is happy to meet with donors along the way who have questions or concerns, or simply want to meet our new Director. Email Erin directly if you want to meet her or host an event with her in your area. Visit Erin's CA Sponsorship Tour information page for details and updates on this first trip.

Fall Shipment Packing Party

The Packing Party in Boston on Oct 20 is an excellent opportunity for you to meet fellow sponsors, support our programs and your sponsored students, and even meet our board and executive director. We would love for you to attend, no packing necessary. For details and a list of suggested items, contact our Shipment Coordinator or visit our Fall Shipment information page.

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