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Thursday, November 22, 2018
7 Reasons to Give on November 27th
Lauren Erlandson

Writing and photography by Emma Pion-Berlin, Content Creator

1. Impact students' lives

Your gracious gift will help students break the cycle of poverty by having the opportunity to advance through education. Education gives our students opportunities to lead successful lives. In Guatemala, the end of the sixth grade is the most common time when young students are forced to drop out and begin contributing financially to their families. However, if students can attend school and learn valuable skills, they will have the opportunity to graduate and move on to achieve significant accomplishments in their lives.

2. Support students’ families

Education in Guatemala is not free, making it especially unattainable for families that live below the poverty line. In Guatemala half of the population lives on incomes below poverty. Your contribution on #GivingTuesday will provide families the opportunity to send their children to school. 75 percent of students have parents that did not pass the third grade. However, through your generous donations, students can have the ability to attend school, an experience that many of their family members never had. Furthermore, children who receive a proper education may also inspire their parents to go back to school and continue to learn and grow, further empowering their families.

3. Create a ripple effect 

Through sufficient funding, schools will have the opportunity to provide better student resources and obtain materials to improve teaching strategies. An increase in the demand for qualified teachers and school staff creates a positive influence on the children’s lives and creates a ripple effect throughout the community.

4. Aid in community growth

Contributing to education significantly benefit many communities. Education provides individuals with the skills necessary to help their communities and impact the economy. In many of the rural areas here in Lake Atitlán, education is not easily accessible due to financial hardship and lack of transportation. Your support provides the financial support necessary to make education a reality for everyone. Equality in education reduces illiteracy, creates empowerment and provides a safe environment for people to socialize and build strong relationships.  

5. Improve regional school systems

As more funding becomes available and schools grow their teaching methods, the education system will improve in the Lake Atitlán region. Stable funding and a cohesive vision for the future of students positively impact the education system and provide more sustainable and affordable education for all.

6. Strengthen programs at Mayan Families

At Mayan Families, we are committed to ensuring that our ambitious students reach each vital benchmark in their education. We focus on strengthening the experiences students have throughout their educational journey by providing them with essential resources. Donor contributions allow us to support more students and improve our programs, providing effective solutions in education.

7. Lead with purpose

This giving season, you have the opportunity to make a difference in Guatemala. Helping others in need strengthens the personal values and morals you will carry with you the rest of your life. By providing support to others, you are setting an excellent example for people to also give back. Taking action and giving support introduces your family to the importance of generosity. Doing good deeds will make you a more well-rounded person, and will boost your spirits knowing you were able to make an impact in someone else’s life.


Students are the future of Guatemala. Help us Fund their Future! Click here to give.






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