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Tuesday, November 6, 2018
Reflecting on Renew your Generosity, Renew their Ambition

Written by Nicole LaPorte, Operations Coordinator

Three Telesecundaria students clap and cheer during their graduation rehersal in Tierra Linda (Photography by Emma Pion-Berlin).

As we approach the end of the year and look forward to renewing our support for our communities, we here at Mayan Families also enjoy taking this time to reflect on all that we have learned, grown from and accomplished over these past several months. On a rainy morning of the last week of instruction for the Telesecundaria of Tierra Linda, four members of our Mayan Family staff trekked out to the fog-laced terraced fields of this beautiful pueblo. There, we sat down with three of our inspirational sponsored students and revisited the many goals that they achieved this last school year, as well as discussed their renewed ambitions for the future.

The first student we spoke with was Sucely, a sixteen-year-old approaching the end of her eighth-grade year. Unfortunately, graduating from the eighth grade is considered a rarity for many families in Guatemala. While only fifty-nine percent of students at this age reach this level according to the Global Education Fund, with the support and generosity of our donors at Mayan Families, Sucely has been granted the opportunity to move forward into higher education.

As Sucely heads into the final two weeks of exams, we explored the many times she felt encouraged, motivated and inspired over this past school year to continue on towards furthering her studies in mathematics and science. When asked what this opportunity to receive an education means to her, Sucely replied that “having the chance to gain more knowledge is very important to me. For example, last year I didn’t read nearly as much as this year. I am reading a lot this year. I am therefore very happy in school because I learn something new every day”. If Sucely was able to offer advice to herself one year ago, she would say to “never give up, even when things get tough. To keep working hard towards a better future.”

Sucely poses for a photograph after class at Telesecundaria in Tierra Linda (Photography by Emma Pion-Berlin).

Fourteen-year-old Flavio spoke to us next about what a typical day as a seventh-grader looks like during the school week, and how his daily routine of attending school motivates him to continue reaching towards his dreams.

“On a typical day during the school week, I wake up very happy and thankful to see the sun, which gives me the ability to study one more day and give it all I have.”

After discussing in greater detail about his fulfilled objective of learning more English this past year, we asked Flavio what he would like the world to know about him and his aspirations for the future. “I want the world to know that I am a good example for the younger generation. I dream of becoming a journalist, and I never give up on my dreams.”

Flavio, a student from Telesecundaria holds one of his favorite books in the school libary (Photography by Emma Pion-Berlin).

After saying goodbye to Sucely, Flavio, and the rest of our friends at the Telesecundaria, our Mayan Families’ team left Tierra Linda feeling inspired by the incredible spirit of our sponsored students. Knowing that, with the renewed generosity of our phenomenal donors, these influential students will move into the next year with renewed hope, motivation and ambition to generate an unfaltering future for all to enjoy.

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