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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
New Guidelines for Visiting Medical Professionals
Lauren Erlandson
The goal of the Mayan Families Medical Program is to improve the health and well-being of our sponsored students and their families in the long-term. One of the ways we facilitate this is through our Jornada program, which hosts visiting medical professionals and brigades* to conduct mobile clinics in various locations. This program strives to accomplish the following goals:

1. Provide free access to highly qualified and talented specialists and reduce the need for patients to travel a considerable distance for treatment.

2. Increase the health care coverage and health education we provide in the more remote and isolated communities of our six Preschool Nutrition Centers.

3. Provide consistent and high-quality follow-up for the patients seen in these mobile clinics.

To make sure we provide our beneficiaries with quality medical attention, we ask all of our medical volunteers to read through and agree to our terms and fees stated in the Mayan Families Agreement for Visiting Medical Professionals (attached).

*Group size for medical brigades:
An ideal number for a visiting medical group would be around 8-12 people, and we can accept a maximum of 14 people per group. Groups that are too large (14+ members) put an undue strain on our resources, our staff, and the client communities we serve. We have to keep many staff members out of the office for long stretches of time, which results in lost productivity and income from fundraising. Additionally, when planning these clinics, we have to stretch our transportation, location, and equipment resources to make sure everything goes smoothly. Larger groups will require more vehicles to transport both people and medical equipment, larger spaces in which to set up clinics, and more chairs, tables, sheets, etc. Particularly from a medical perspective, hosting groups with over 14 people can be irresponsible. We are put in a situation where we have to create a medical need for these visiting groups, instead of responding to a need that we know already exists in the community. From our experience, we have found that the principal need of our communities is for medical specialists in the field of vision and dental care due to the lack of dentists or ophthalmologists in remote communities and their high consultation and procedure fees being inaccessible to many. That said, we seek the support of all specialists and encourage visits from medical teams made up of professionals from different areas (specialists in the fields of dental, vision, gynecology and dermatology being the most needed).
Additional information can be found in the Updated Agreement for Visiting Medical Professionals found here.

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