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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Student Sponsorship Updates
Lauren Erlandson

It has been an exciting year in our sponsorship program, having now supported the education of 4,600 students over 13 years, from preschool to university.  

As we move forward and continue improving the sponsorship experience for both students and sponsors, the price of sponsorship will increase in 2019:

  • From $30/month to $35/month, or
  • From $360/year to $420/year

This price increase is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the sponsorship program, which is to give students economic and academic support, and educational guidance, to keep studying as long as they wish to.

What does a sponsorship cover?

In reality, the cost of supporting a student’s education in Guatemala is on average much higher than $420 per year. Our anticipated costs of supporting a student in 2019 are:

  • Elementary student: $270
  • Middle school student: $520
  • High school student: $900

The increase in sponsorship price will allow us to distribute funding in a way that covers the majority of a student’s expenses across all years, whilst maintaining a consistent cost for donors. With your sponsorship, you are contributing significantly towards your student’s schooling costs. There are five main components to the cost of a sponsorship:

  • School fees - enrollment fees for all students, and tuition fees for students in middle school and high school;
  • School materials - a backpack, pens, paper, stationery, etc., given at the start of the school year;
  • Uniform and shoes - a school and PE uniform in selected grades, and two pairs of shoes at the start of every school year;
  • Graduation fees - in kindergarten, and 6th, 9th and 12th grade;
  • Administration - communication to donors, photos, report cards, monitoring progress, etc.

In addition, sponsored students receive extra support through Mayan Families where possible, such as tutoring classes where the need is identified, support from a social worker in special cases, and access to training and workshops through our other programs.

When do I pay my sponsorship for 2019?

If you currently pay a monthly subscription of $30, we will be in touch with you shortly about increasing your monthly transfer to $35. Alternatively, we would be grateful if you could preempt this and change your subscription amount with your bank! If you normally pay a yearly sponsorship payment of $360, we will contact you soon with a renewal notice and how to pay, with the increased price of $420.

You can also make a payment today by visiting our donation page. Please include your student's name and number in the comment section.

Unsponsored students

In order to be able to commit fully to the education of our students and give them the support necessary to stay in school, we regretfully will have to let any unsponsored students go from the program by November 15th, as their sponsorships are not currently being funded. You are welcome to consider entering into a new sponsorship - contact the email address below.

From the whole Education team at Mayan Families, thank you for your continued support of our sponsorship program. Together, we can ensure that all of our students are reaching their full potential through education.  For further questions on sponsorship, please contact us at

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