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Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Guatemalan Education: The Building Blocks to Success Part Two

Written by Emma Pion-Berlin, Content Creator 

Part 2: Advancing in Education

Since not everyone in Guatemala gets the privilege of having an education, there are still adults that are not literate. According to the World Bank, the adult literacy rate is about 80 percent across all of Guatemala. Additionally, from research done by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, the average amount of school that Guatemalan citizens complete is 11 years.

This statistic is in the middle of the spectrum compared to other countries like Australia, which has an average of people completing 20 years of school and on the lower end, Niger has an average of people finishing 5 years of school.

Specifically, within the indigenous community, about 60 percent are illiterate. Indigenous people in rural communities are at a disadvantage to be able to get an education due to their location, having fewer resources and money to attend school. Education is not always the first priority, provided that many people have to choose eating or sending a child to school; thus limiting their options. This shows an urgent need for education to be more accessible.

Due to the vast majority of the population not having an education, we work with adults by providing them with resources through our trade schools to educate people on the possibilities that lie in front of them.

At Mayan Families, we strive to make an impact in the lives of indigenous people around Lake Atitlán and want to make sure everyone gets a chance to shine in school. Education is the building blocks for a better life and no matter where people have come from, we support each person every step of the way.

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