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Monday, October 30, 2017
4 Reasons Why Tutoring is Essential in Guatemala
Lauren Erlandson

Written by: Abby von Allmen: Communications Associate

It is no secret that education can be the pathway to a successful future. What happens when that education is met with obstacles, not easily overcome by ability or ambition?

Currently 30% of students in Guatemala do not pass the first grade. To combat this, Mayan Families has developed a tutoring program that gives students the academic support necessary to overcome these obstacles. Here are some of the reasons students in rural Guatemala need tutoring:

1. Working outside of school: At least 30% of 6th grade students in our program work outside of school. Working, although oftentimes essential to the livelihood of a family, leaves no time for homework or studying. This has a significant negative impact on student’s grades and likelihood of staying in school. Our tutoring program offers a space dedicated to school work outside of the classroom and their workplace.

2. Language disadvantage: Although Spanish is the primary language spoken and taught in Guatemala, it is a second language to our indigenous students who speak Kaqchikel or other indigenous languages. Learning in a second, unfamiliar language makes it more difficult for students to grasp the material and makes it easier to fall behind. Specialized academic support through the tutoring program helps kids adjust to this language barrier and reach their full potential.

3. Education level of parents: 75% of our students’ parents have not received an education past the 3rd grade. This leaves parents unable to help with homework past a 3rd grade level. If our students are unable to receive help from their parents, they can turn to our tutoring centers to receive the academic support needed to successfully complete their studies.

4. Physical and mental effects of poverty: Students that live in extreme poverty often struggle to maintain focus in school because of lack of proper nutrition and the instability of their home life. Providing intensive academic support through our tutoring center fosters a supportive learning environment they may not otherwise receive at school or at home.

With so many obstacles stacked against indigenous students in Guatemala, the need for tutoring is abundant. This #GivingTuesday, our goal is to fund a Tutoring Center in the community of Tierra Linda. Help us #GiveTutoring, and click here to learn more!


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