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Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Supporter Appreciation: A Huge Thank you to Global Hands of Healing
Audrey Ward

Here at Mayan Families, we are consistently amazed by the caliber of our volunteer groups. Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Global Hands of Healing once again for a medical mission, and they were certainly no exception!

Hailing from Dallas and Atlanta, with some old friends and a few first time visitors to Guatemala, the group threw themselves into their week, which began in the community of Chuk Muk. With a full medical team complete with dentists, ophthalmologists and a doctor, they truly made the most of their time here. 

The group made a huge impact on every community they visited. The dentists particularly had their work cut out for them, and successfully pulled 106 teeth between the two of them in just one day! Not to be outdone, the doctors and ophthalmologists also stayed very busy with a steady stream of patients throughout the week. 

Very few families in these communities have access to basic medical care. Consequently, preventable and treatable diseases often become severe as they are left untreated for far too long.

The volunteer group, mindful of the huge problem of malnutrition in the communities they were working, arranged to give food to each patient waiting. From past volunteer trips, they knew that often patients had to wait all day long to see a doctor without anything to eat or drink; the kind gesture of giving food during their wait this time around made a huge difference and was so much appreciated. 

Global Hands of Healing made an incalculable difference to all the people they helped last week and we are extremely grateful for all their hard work. Global Hands of Healing, please come back and visit us again soon - the doors of Mayan Families are always open for you!

To learn more about our group volunteer program, email and check out our Volunteer Program page.

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