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Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Celebrating World Humanitarian Day: In Honor of the Hard Work of Reviver Volunteer Group
Mark Prunella-Miller

In honor of World Humanitarian Day 2015, we wanted to extend a huge thank you once again to the volunteer group of REVIVER. We had the pleasure of working with them last week and they are truly the epitome of inspiration and humanitarian work.

The group of 30+ volunteers, which we referred to as "Reviver" after the amazing challenge they took on even prior to their visit, came to make a difference, and never stopped working hard to accomplish their goals.

They saw what was needed in the communities they worked in, and made a point to forge deep connections with community members, personally asking them what they needed most and delivering on their promises to help with huge hearts and smiles.

Reviver focused on the villages of San Antonio and El Barranco, committed every day to improving the quality of life there for those most in need. In San Antonio, they worked tirelessly to improve upon the homes of two of their sponsored children, as well as bringing smiles to the preschoolers’ faces with a minion picture frame activity!

Meanwhile, the team in El Barranco was always in high spirits as they showed their dedication to finishing a brand new playground and mural at the preschool.

Photo Credit: Juan Haro

Photo Credit: Juan Haro

Watch the fun video we made of the construction of the playground below: 

Video Credit: Juan Haro

The group’s enthusiasm was contagious, and our staff was amazed by their work ethic. They didn’t even want to stop for lunch! Not only did they decide to sponsor several more children while here, but they did not forget about the value that the elderly people bring to a community, and the group served them a special, traditional meal of pepian.

Reviver was the epitome of work hard, play hard, and all of our staff loved playing soccer with the group, as did the kids in Chuk Muk! They generously donated many soccer supplies and shoes, which were of course well received by all!

Photo Credit: Juan Haro

Reviver encompassed all four pillars of the Mayan Families’ mission: to educate, feed, shelter, and heal to provide impoverished families with the best chance to breaking the cycle of poverty. In addition to preschool activities, numerous food baskets, and three construction projects, one of the group members is a nurse and donated her time to seeing patients at the office.

Each and every member of Reviver truly embodied what it means to be a humanitarian; we thank them for all of their hard work and admire their ambition. We look forward to seeing you again soon to revive even more of our community members!

To learn more about volunteering with us, contact today! 

Are you in the Rhole Island area and interested in learning more about the annual Reviver Challenge? Click here - they'd love to have you! 


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