Happily, all of our students are now back in school, on the heels of a delayed start a month later than usual.  This school year, thanks to the support of our amazing donors, we are able to provide scholarships to over 1,200 students.

The majority of the students are attending school five days a week, with safety protocols including social distancing and mask wearing in place. In elementary school however, some students are attending in-person classes three days a week, with supplemental study guides and workbooks to be completed on the other days.

All the students in our scholarship program reported difficulties adapting to at-home learning, which was the norm for most of 2020 following the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Confronted suddenly with a completely unexpected, unforeseen situation, students struggled with adjusting. In innumerable instances, given the low rates of adult literacy that prevail in many Indigenous communities, students do not have family members who can help them with their schoolwork.

Another barrier is the lack of access to resources such as the Internet, computers or even electricity faced by many families.


Fortunately, this year, all at-home learning will be conducted using physical workbooks and paper study guides. Factoring in the critical situation, Mayan Families is directing more funds to our Tutoring Program. This is to ensure that students receive adequate attention and guidance as well as access to technology.

At the same time, in view of last year’s events, we are implementing the policy of Total Support.    More than anything we want to see our students succeed and pursue their educational goals, and as a result we have awarded a scholarship to every student, regardless  of how they did in school last year, or if they have a sponsor.  Every single student in our program will be supported in 2021 if they choose to renew their scholarship with Mayan Families.

We strongly believe that every student deserves the opportunity to rise above adversity and emerge ahead and we hope you share our understanding and compassion to help students turn the corner and get ahead for 2021.

by Tyler Rubio,
Education Coordinator