We did it! Time for a celebration!

We did it! Time for a celebration!

Over a year ago, the mission to provide a permanent and spacious building for the preschoolers in San Antonio began. Thanks to you, we finally have the funds to make this project a reality!

This morning we surprised the teachers and students in the preschool with the good news. We were met with shouts and bright smiles from the young students, and gratitude and excitement from the teachers.

I never imagined that this day would come. We always had hope, but now we can truly be happy”

says Gricelda, a teacher who has been with the San Antonio preschoolers since 2010.

Gricelda remembers the situation long before the project started, when the preschool was on rented property.

“It is difficult to rent in San Antonio. From one month to another we sometimes moved to different locations. The children, being very young, sometimes understood what was happening, and sometimes they didn’t. Many times the families would become annoyed by the constant moving. With the permanent land and building that Mayan Families has, even though I know it isn’t my house, [the preschool now] feels like my home.”

Another teacher, Lety, said, “I am very happy today. It has been a while now that we have been anxiously waiting on an expansion. It is very difficult to do activities with the children due to the little space we have. The kids deserve better, and the inadequate space makes it difficult for them to play. We have teach different subjects and we will have the space to do activities like puzzles or legos in one area and language skills in another.”

For the future generations of San Antonio, Lety said the impact will be huge. “Many families in need have not been able to use the preschool due to lack of space, but now we can have more teachers and more students.”

“I have been with the preschoolers for three years now, and I am happy that we are at the point of finally achieving our dream,” Lety said.